Features of Proper Wedding Catering

Before you order the catering services of restaurants or cafes for serving food for a wedding event, it will be useful to analyze the communication and nutritional features of your guests.

Different people tend to have different types of communication, so you need to find out what kind of communication your acquaintances, relatives, and friends prefer.

The best way to do this is through marketing research. In simple words, shortly before the day of the event, conduct a telephone survey and ask prospective guests about their preferences in celebrations, dishes on the tables, and organization of celebrations in general.

How to Find Out Your Guests’ Wedding Preferences

At some weddings, guests are mostly elderly people, and sometimes newlyweds want to spend time in the company of their peers.

  • Adult guests are used to formal feasts with a full menu. Young people, on the contrary, prefer cocktail receptions with minimal snacks: bridesmaids love dancing, and doing it on a full stomach is not so pleasant.
  • In summer, when the weather is warm and sunny, it is best to do your wedding outdoors.
  • In cold winters, it is better to rent a spacious heated room or to celebrate at home if it is large enough.

Of course, your wedding budget also matters. Some newlyweds prefer a honeymoon trip around the world to lush banquets with many guests.

Types of Wedding Catering

The classic format is a wedding banquet with a strict distribution of appetizers, drinks, and hot dishes in the correct restaurant order.

If guests prefer to have fun instead of eating delicious food, it is better to choose a simple buffet with a variety of snacks and drinks, where people can serve themselves. It will also help you save money on restaurant food. However, here you will have to spend more on animators and organizers.

A picnic in nature is good for everyone. Kebabs, barbecue, and grilled vegetables are a great treat that all categories of guests like.

A cocktail party is good for an active audience who knows how to have fun on their own. The focus here is on drinks and not on filling the stomach.

Menu Choice

Choosing a menu is probably the most crucial stage of wedding planning. If you have any difficulties, it is better to ask for advice from experienced restaurateurs: people who have fed weddings multiple times are well versed in the preferences of different guests.

It is best to choose restaurants and cafes that specialize in wedding celebrations and hold them regularly.

As for expenses, at banquets, you will have to spend a lot on waiters, at buffets, the main costs will fall on drinks and snacks, and cocktail parties mean increased spending on drinks.

To cut down on wedding table expenses, serve snacks to people one hour before serving hot meals. This will dull hunger and the guests will eat fewer main meals.