Catering history

Catering is considered a service that grows in popularity every year. From English, this translates into «catering public feeding». Often consumers ask us this question: how such a service came into being and what is the essence of this service is.

Catering: history of the origin

Catering first appeared centuries ago. It is believed that Jean-François Vatel, who was a court nobleman under King Louis XIV of France, proposed the idea. Louis was very fond of traveling events.

François Vatel had an incredibly good style and a rich imagination. Therefore, he proposed to do outdoor feasts. At the same time, he provided that not only the menu was planned in advance, but also the order of a change of dishes, serving, and entertainment. For this unique person, the organization of the retreat was a lifelong endeavor that he successfully managed.

Catering development over the 20th century

The history of catering did not end in those old days. Skyscraper construction began in the 20th century in America. Catering was the main plan for feeding large numbers of workers. That is why outreach services have become very much in demand.

Gradually, catering became popular in other spheres of life as well. Catering is not only delivery of meals, but also a celebration of various themes. People use this service to fill in weddings, anniversaries, and corporate outings.

The difference between catering and restaurant service is the technology of preparing and storing food. Companies that provide this service offer holidays for any number of guests. Office owners often buy catering. Their supervisors arrange hot meals for employees by ordering meals. Catering services are required for both outdoor and indoor activities.