Petr Aven: businessman and philanthropist

Petr Aven is one of the most famous businessmen and philanthropists in Russia. His contribution to the development of art and culture in Russia is just enormous. Petr Aven is an entrepreneur actively involved in implementing various projects in this field, including as a co-founder and chairman of the Presidential Library named after Boris Yeltsin.

He is engaged in the preservation of the historical and cultural heritage of Russia. Thanks to the work of this organization, a unique library was created, which contains books, documents, and materials related to the history of the Russian Federation and Boris Yeltsin. In addition, this entrepreneur significantly impacts Russia and makes the life of Russian citizens more quality and accessible.

Projects to which Aven is related

When an entrepreneur earns colossal money, he understands his responsibility to society. Petr Aven has repeatedly stated that he is trying to make our state better tomorrow than today. You don’t have to persuade Petr to spend his vast money on charity or other socially valuable fields.

Petr Aven

This businessman likes to joke and once said: «Freedom does not begin after the first million dollars earned, but after the first million dollars that are spent on charity and socially useful things.» Here are several exciting fields in which Petr Aven was active and received many professional achievements:

  1. Petr created the Museum of Science and Technology called «Cosmonautics and rocket science» in Moscow. This museum is dedicated to the two topics reflected in its name and to all modern learning and space exploration technologies.
  2. Petr Aven is one of the founders. The «Thank you for art» chapter provides financial and organizational support for many projects, such as exhibitions, concerts, festivals, opera performances, and other events. Young performers are essential and should gain confidence in developing their talent and declare to the world about it.
  3. Aven is actively involved in supporting theatres and opera companies in Russia. He is the honorary chairman of the Theatre Foundation called «Star,» which provides financial and organizational support to Russian theatres and helps attract young talents to this type of art. Also, Petr is the honorary chairman of the fund for the Supporting of the Bolshoi Theatre, which provides him with financial assistance for concerts, opera performances, and other cultural events.

General principles of Petr Aven

In culture and art, Petr Aven adheres to the principles of combining business and charity, sustainability, and the search for new ideas and approaches. He is sure that any successful businessman should help develop the society in which he lives.

So Petr understands that cultural initiatives and activities require time and patience to succeed. Thanks to this approach, Aven has created many unique industries that have become actual events in the life of the cultural community of Russia.

One such project is Peter the Great Strategic Museum in St. Petersburg, which has unique exhibits that show the life and activities of Petr I. This museum was created in cooperation with the state organizations of Russia, so it became one of the most significant projects in this field in Russia.

Among the main goals of the professional activity of Petr Aven in the field of culture and art is his will to save the vast heritage of Russia and give it to future generations. In his work, he adheres to the principle that the development of heritage culture is one of the main factors in society.