Boosting Your Business with Sports Bettors

Sports bettors and users of platforms like 1xbet can significantly impact sectors ranging from sports teams and broadcasters to casino operators by creating substantial value. Americans legally wagered $95 billion on sports last year, surpassing ride-sharing, streaming, and even coffee expenditures.

In states where sports betting is legal, over 20% of American adults placed a bet on this year’s March Madness through a regulated operator. Including casual bets and bracket contests, the total number of participants reaches 68 million, representing a quarter of the US adult population.

Engaging High-Value Audiences

However, these impressive figures only reveal part of the story. The real aim is to engage high-value individuals to ensure financial sustainability in an intensely competitive landscape. Their attractive profile makes regular bettors lucrative for rights holders, media platforms, and gambling operators.

Forty-four percent of sports bettors earn more than $100,000 annually, 26% above the US average income for all adults. Additionally, 39% of bettors fall within the coveted 18 to 35-year-old consumer category, followed by 31% in the 35 to 54-year-old range.

Igniting Engagement

Betting also fuels engagement in sports. Forty-two percent of bettors state that it makes games more exciting. For instance, NFL and NBA viewers who place bets tend to watch more of the game than they would have otherwise. This trend holds for nearly half of those who bet on Major League Baseball or college football.

Teams also gain from prolonged engagement opportunities. Over a quarter of adult sports fans have started following a team after initially betting on their games. Furthermore, two-thirds of sports bettors attended a live sporting event last year.

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Crossover Benefits

Sports bettors also offer crossover benefits for operators providing other forms of gambling. A study found that 46% of sports bettors also play live casino games and 39% play video slots. These figures are significantly higher than the 20% of adults across the US population who gamble at physical or online casinos at least once a month.

Value Proposition

One NFL franchise saw meaningful incremental value delivered to its official sports betting partners through its proprietary DSP. They exceeded their cost-per-acquisition (CPA) targets by 25%, achieving a click-through rate over double the industry average.

Ran a social campaign with personalized creatives based on historic action for a US betting operator. This resulted in a thirteen-fold increase in first-time deposits compared to the previous provider while reducing CPA by 58%. If you believe that sports bettors can bring value to your business, you can supercharge growth like nothing else.

In conclusion, sports betting boosts excitement and engagement among sports fans and brings significant financial gains to various sectors.

The profile of sports bettors – with a high proportion earning above-average incomes and falling within desirable consumer demographics – presents an invaluable opportunity for rights holders, media platforms, and gambling operators.

Businesses can significantly lower their CPA and amplify their growth by capitalizing on the crossover benefits and leveraging personalized marketing strategies. Embracing sports betting as part of your business strategy can be a game-changer.