Magic Kinder review

Magic Kinder is not just a game, but a whole universe, where elements of augmented reality are cleverly used so that deeply immerse you in the world. There is the word «Kinder» in the name, which might mislead some, as if magickinder app is connected with popular chocolate products. But in this case it is wrong. The designers are not connected with Kinder Surprise makers, do not advertise anything in the app and spread it absolutely for free.

Magic Kinder utility was designed to let parents and children spend time cheerfully and fruitfully. Kids can watch interesting videos, take part in competitions, sing, draw, work out and so on.


Magic Kinder’s functions

Creating the app designers took into account that the best way of learning information and mastering new skills is a playful way. That’s why they spent lots of effort to design the app with educational and at the same time captivating content.

The gameplay is as follows. There’s a world called WORLD OF FANTASY, where cute people live. Once they get out of their universe and get stuck in a severe reality without miracles. Children and their parents are to destroy the obstacles which hinder inhabitants’ return.

If you are going to download free android app, expect to take part in exciting adventures. Completing the tasks children learn to spell, count, draw and identify shades in a playful way. The gameplay itself is diverse, as it includes watching videos ang karaoke, dances and doing fitness for the whole family, drawing and learning many useful facts about the earth.

Note that apk for android contains the bulk of the content. That’s why after you install it, you can play and learn even offline.

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During the game you should take pictures and screenshots, combine them in a spectacular slideshow with the help of slidescan utility to save the wonderful memories. This simple app also helps to digitize old photos to create a virtual family album.