Creative catering ideas – from “Game of Thrones” to retro buffets

Catering emerged long before computers and the Internet conquered the world. And back then, anyone who organized such a restaurant on wheels, creative as he could. Today it’s easier. Because at any time, you can go on the Internet to thematic sites, get acquainted with interesting ideas, and then bring them to life. Since almost everyone has a device with Internet access today, it should only be a problem if there are some technical problems due to an incorrectly working video card or monitor. But in this case, you can download Intel Control Panel to configure everything easily.

Ideas from the Internet for organizing creative catering

  1. “Rainbow” at children’s birthday parties. When you need to organize a kitchen for children, it will be great to use many different bright colors in the first place. You can serve colored pasta, tartlets with fillings that have intense hues, etc. Fruit slices lined with a beautiful peacock’s tail on the plate look attractive. A cocktail with syrups and juices mixed so that layers of different colors can be traced in the glass will perfectly complement the stylistics of the holiday.
  2. “Game of Thrones.” This book and TV series have built up a vast army of fans. And after the release of the prequel “House of the Dragon” in 2022, interest in the fantasy universe created by George Martin has returned. Therefore, organizing a banquet in a similar spirit is an excellent idea if you know in advance that the birthday boy or company is a fan of the series and books. Providing catering services, it is worth taking care of beautiful tiered plates made of gold, silver, or bronze. And, drawing up the menu, you should provide that it will be roasted whole rabbit or pig, duck or turkey. To ensure that the atmosphere is appropriate, you can include music from the show, build a photo area with an “iron” throne, make crowns of paper with photos of the main characters, etc.

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  3. Cooking together. This approach is a great team-building activity. Therefore, the organization of a cooking workshop is great for holidays with colleagues, a birthday party, or even a bachelorette party. By ordering such catering, you can kill two birds with one stone. On the one hand, all the guests will eat well, and creating culinary masterpieces with their hands will only increase their appetite. On the other hand, such an event will create a relaxed and fun atmosphere. You can even organize a competition in the style of a cooking contest between individual teams or users.
  4. Buffet. This an excellent idea for an original buffet, as vintage and retro are always in fashion. The center of the event can be made a buffet decorated in the appropriate style, around which all the fun will unfold. Instead of traditional chairs and tables, you can use wooden crates, of which it is straightforward to build a tiered area to accommodate different dishes. Such a buffet can “work” both indoors and outdoors. To make it look as organic as possible, you can put a few large floor vases, filling them with flowers. As part of the menu, you can serve cakes with retro decor, baked ham, bright bruschetta, etc.

More original and easy-to-implement ideas are:

  1. A fast food party.
  2. A rock and roll buffet.
  3. A 60’s gangster party.
  4. Even a James Bond-inspired anniversary party.

If you need more ideas, thousands of them are on the Internet. And if suddenly some site doesn’t open, you can always download Express VPN for PC to solve the problem quickly.