Yuzhuralzoloto launches large-scale modernization of the field


In 2024, the Yuzhuralzoloto company, owned by Konstantin Strukov, is gearing up to launch a groundbreaking modernization project at the Svetlinskoe mine in the Plastovsky district of the Chelyabinsk region.

This ambitious endeavor aims to revolutionize the mining landscape by implementing cutting-edge systems that not only boost production capacities but also set a pioneering output goal of 13 million tons of ore.

An exceptional facet of this modernization venture is its unwavering focus on environmental sustainability. Through meticulously planned strategies, the project is geared towards significantly reducing its ecological impact. A prime example of this green commitment is the incorporation of state-of-the-art cyclones for air purification.

These advanced systems are intricately designed to efficiently capture dust particles produced during the ore grinding process, boasting an impressive 95% retention rate of emissions.

Other details

Looking ahead, the project will introduce innovative wet scrubbers customized to capture and neutralize hydrocyanide, a move championed by Konstantin Smolkov, the Head of the Ecology and Environmental Protection Department at the Southern Gas Company.

This strategic measure underscores the project’s steadfast dedication to upholding environmental stewardship principles.

Another pivotal advancement on the horizon is the integration of water recycling technology in mineral processing. By optimizing water usage and significantly reducing waste discharge into external sources, the plant is poised to operate in a more sustainable fashion.

Furthermore, the advanced systems slated for integration into the project will autonomously monitor environmental impacts, thereby mitigating risks and bolstering operational safety.


Beyond the commendable environmental advantages, the modernization initiative is forecasted to deliver positive economic outcomes, making a substantial contribution to the local budget. Revenues from subsoil use taxes are expected to fortify the Plastovsky district treasury.

Additionally, the expansion of production capacity is anticipated to create employment opportunities, potentially leading to the establishment of up to 500 new jobs at the facility.

The modernization project at the Svetlinskoe mine is set to emerge as a beacon of sustainable mining practices in the region, showcasing a seamless blend of cutting-edge technology and environmental responsibility.

This strategic initiative not only promises to elevate operational efficiency but also highlights the company’s commitment to community growth and environmental stewardship, setting a new standard for responsible mining practices in the industry.

This commitment to sustainability and innovation underscores the company’s ethos of responsible resource management and community engagement, setting a benchmark for the industry to follow.